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Effective Localscape designs take into account the climate and sustainability of all life in our area, which in Utah's high cold desert includes waterwise plant choice and thoughtful organization of landscape elements. Owing to my Master’s Degree in Horticulture with the emphasis on water conservation, I am uniquely qualified to design Localscapes masterpieces that will not only fulfill those needs for your area but also incorporate your dreams for your yard.



"Kim is phenomenal! She listened to what we wanted and create a beautiful plan of execution. She knows her stuff!! All of her services come at a really affordable price. Well worth the money we spent to make our yard beautiful." - blakerm

"We hired Kim Eden to help us with some changes to our landscaping. She was very knowledgeable and took the time needed to understand what we wanted and to offer recommendations. The plan she provided was very comprehensive and provides us with a great template to begin making improvements to our yard. We also purchased a guide to the various plant options which includes pictures and specific information about each plant. It, too, will be very helpful to us. Both my wife and I were very impressed and pleased with the final product. We highly recommend Kim Eden." - Joe Johnson

"We hired Kim Eden of Eden's Garden Design to help us with the design element of a front and back yard project. We live up on the bench and really didn't want a highly manicured "man made" look but one where the natural landscape blended with our property. That is not to say there aren't man made outdoor room elements such as a firepit , a dining space, a stream water feature, and a "living room", but the connectivity and flow from element to element will feel as if from nature. She was able to not only understand our wishes but also run with it. She was hired because of her terrific knowledge of plants and trees, particularly indigenous, and the fact that she really listened to our needs. She came up with several choices of plans as well as a very in-depth planting guide. We found her very easy to work with, responded to communication quickly, was very thoughtful, and very reasonable from a cost perspective. I also know that while this natural look may not be something everyone desires she is very adaptable and if a more architectural look is desired she can do that too. Kim may not be as well known a name in the architectural landscaping design business as others but she will be. I highly recommend her. We have the designs but the project itself will complete in spring of '20." - Jason L

"Hiring Eden is one of the best decisions we have ever made. She was knowledgeable, helped us design and plan a dream backyard with our own ideas- and ones that we hadn’t even thought of. The plans are detailed and SO SO helpful in working with the different contractors and in knowing what decisions we need to make now in arriving to our future design. Highly highly recommend." - Rachel Ricks

"Great insight on what to do with my yard. Eden Garden came out so I can get started on reworking my yard. Great ideas and I am planning to move forward with most of the recommendations." - Jill

"Kim is really great to work with. She's very knowledgeable and willing to share her knowledge. She listens to your ideas and lets you know whether they're good or not and tells you why. She's also good at communicating and getting the work done on time. Overall, just a great experience." - Marta Larsen

"Kim is a true professional. She follows through and does what she says she will do. She really knows her plants. I was amazed that she knew the biological name of every plant and it’s growing habits but also used the common names do I could follow. Her plans are very usable I was beyond expressed." - HU

"Kim's design for my small yard is awesome! She was diligent in suggesting appropriate greenery and plants for a difficult terrain and for my style. She responded quickly to my suggestions and her designs were intelligent and well considered. Additionally, she is quick! I heard back from her within days, which was unexpected, and her price was incredibly reasonable considering the thought she put into the project." - Delaine Madden

"Kim Eden is a creative and talented professional. Her knowledge of landscape design and plant life is impressive. Not only did she include everything I wanted in my yard design, but she also had additional suggestions that I had never imagined. Kim designed a yard plan for our home that has nothing but rocks and weeds. In a very short time from the time we gave her pictures and measurements of our property, she returned three different concept plans to choose from that included everything on our wish list. We picked and selected things we liked about each one, and then returned them to her. Now we have detailed drawing of where to put everything along with a myriad of plant, tree, and shrub choices that will thrive in my climate. I can't wait to get started! Kim is quick, creative and professional. I highly recommend her for your landscape design!" - Julie Workman

"Kim came to assess our landscape situation a few weeks ago. I was absolutely humbled and amazed at her skill, her love of the land, and the beautiful detail she offered us in how to care and plan for the future. Our half acre is full of 30 year old trees, and we are hoping to keep the integrety of the original landscaping while working with trees that have aged out. Kim was thoughtful, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended." - Georgia Anderson

"Kim was very easy to work with. She is a great listener and provided plenty of ideas for my space. I would highly recommend working with Kim as her plans are exactly what my bare yard are in need of. Although she will only provide you with potential plans, she is able to provide recommendations and referrals. I will upload pictures of the project once executed!" - Evelyn Beguiristain

"Kim is creative, professional, and very easy to work with. She listened to our desires and responded quickly with beautiful designs for our property. I would highly recommend working with Kim." - Todd

"Kim took our abstract ideas and turned them into a great design that was exactly what we didn't know we were looking for. Everything from the design to the plant list was detailed and exceeded our expectations." - David Kauwe

"Kim is fantastic. She listened to what I wanted for my yard and made a plan that was exactly what I asked for. I have since had her come back a couple of times for consultations on steps to execute the plan as well as help with struggling trees and plants. It’s much better than having a company who treats or services these things as she has no need to suggest unnecessary work or treatment. I would highly recommend using a horticulturist for landscape design and diagnosis of issues and Kim was the best one I talked to." - kartemis

"Kim designed the landscaping for our new yard, and we couldn't be happier with her work. She listened to our needs and offered great suggestions to how we could make a clean, low maintenance, and modern yard. Kim was very helpful with how we could maximize space. After spending an hour walking through our property with us, she made 3 separate design boards and let us pick and choose which elements we liked most. The end product was a detailed design of our dream landscape, along with a plant list for everything we need. We highly recommend Kim!" - Wes Henrie

"We enjoyed working with Kim/Eden's Garden Design. Kim is very professional, knowledgeable and creative. She took the time to listen to our preferences and incorporated them in the project. I would highly recommend her if you need a landscape designer." - Betsy Wall

"Wow! What a great experience we had utilizing Kim as our landscape designer. She has great experience, gave excellent recommendations, and designed a yard that we are so excited to implement. Her communication was excellent. She delivered on the timelines she committed to, and Kim is a great value for the work she did. I've already referred her to family and friends and would highly recommend her to others." - Brandon Henrie

"Hiring Eden's Garden Designs to do our landscape plan was the best choice I could have ever made in our landscaping process. Kim was beyond fantastic to work with in creating a customize landscape design that specifically suited our tastes and needs. We could not be more grateful to have found her! Her knowledge base does not even come close to any of the many landscapers I met with before her. She immediately stood out as exceptional within a few minutes of talking to her because she not only knew her plants and soil but she also took the time to talk to me and walk around my yard with me. She was considerate of my yard space and our preferences and even went above and beyond in noticing I have 3 very busy boys and made several fun optional suggestions they would enjoy without me even asking her to. Her end product she creates for her customers is so much more than just a landscape plan. It's several hours of research and loads of very useful information on plant types as well as care and maintenence all combined into an extremely organized and carefully thought out plan tailored to you and your space. You will come away excited about the plan you've created together and feeling as though every penny you spent was more than worth it because of her affordable pricing. We highly recommend her to anyone!" - Alice and Jeff

"Kim is very knowledgeable of all plants, trees, grasses, ground covers etc. for the Intermountain area. She works both at Red Butte Garden and Thanksgiving Point along with her design business. I think this is why she is so knowledgeable.
Kim gave us three different designs for the different areas of our yard. We picked the ones we liked and she sent a detailed report and description of the plants we chose. She also came out a second time to be sure we understood her design and has agreed to allow us to tap her knowledge as we begin our project." - Bob Mueller

"Kim from Eden's Garden Design was great to work with. She came to our house and spent time talking with us about what we wanted in our yard. As she worked on our landscape design she consulted with us further about our preferences. Then she provided us with a plan that is easy to understand, with plants that are easily available in our area. She did all this for a reasonable price. I am so happy with our experience." - L W

"Kim is absolutely amazing! We were so excited to finally get our landscaping designed professionally and to find someone as qualified as Kim was awesome. She took the time to find out what we liked and what fit our lifestyle. Kim was full of knowledge, offered great advice and followed up with precise plans with detailed plant list options. We would definitely recommend her to anyone! As a matter of fact, we referred our son to her for his home too!" - Darrin and Christy

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