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Salt Lake County's...Eden's Garden Design

- making gardens a personal paradise one garden at a time -

Eden's Garden Design provides PLANT-DRIVEN landscape designs to meet your needs as well as offers landscape and plant advice for the UNIQUE Utah climate. With a Masters of Horticulture, we are prepared to offer you EXPERT advice for plant choice and plant care for your particular zone. We strive to EXCEED expectations of our customers and offer ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY advice that will help our future and the lives of our children.


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Kids in the Garden

Our Story

Kim began her professional career helping her neighbors, who came into a local nursery where she worked, that were looking for yard solutions. She helped them plan their landscape for function, purpose, and easy maintenance. Over the years since then, Kim has taught clients what she has learned in all areas of yard care while she also learned from them about the many detailed issues that can pop up in a landscape. Kim also earned her Master's in Horticulture and teaches classes through the University of Utah.

Today we have grown to a full scale landscape design team offering a variety of services to meet your needs. We are focused on helping customers turn their garden into a personal paradise that they'll want to visit year round.


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