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Tropical Leaves

Our Terms and Conditions

If you decide to use our services, we require you to agree to the terms and conditions set forth below. These terms and conditions are intended to protect both parties as well as provide clear understanding of each party's obligations.

Services Terms and Conditions



The Scope of Work, or the services accomplished in designing your landscape, will consist of some or all of the following items depending on the design package you select (see the Services page on this website for exact items that go with your selected package):

  1. In-person/online/phone consultation(s) as preferred (time may vary depending on your needs)

  2. Measuring and taking pictures of area for accuracy

  3. Questionnaire for your design preferences (may be done in person)

  4. 1, 2, or 3 concept design options

  5. 1 final master design as 2 documents (1 w/suggested plant list and 1 w/space measurements) that may include detailed plant maintenance list and any additional requested info, such as pest control, hardscaping, etc.

  6. Introduction to installation contractors (subject to location limitations)

  7. Continued consultation for any additional questions and advice regarding the plants or design for up to 2 months from the date final design was sent


Any additional items, such as the Plant Maintenance Booklet, travel outside Salt Lake or Utah counties, etc., will be subject to additional costs, and may also be included in the Scope of Work. The design package as well as any applicable additional items will be itemized on the invoice.


The concept design(s) will be to scale for the requested space. The design(s) will include site features such as hardscape, furniture, fencing, retaining walls, etc. according to the Scope of Work. One final master design drawn to scale will be provided after review and discussion of the concept design(s). The master design will contain specific plant options and other requested materials according to the Scope of Work. You will receive digital copies of the concept and master designs, but hard copies will be available upon request for an additional charge.



Once these terms have been accepted and we have received your deposit payment, you will be placed in our design queue. Once in the queue, concept design(s) are generally completed within 15 business days (may be longer depending on the size of the project and the size of the queue). You will be contacted if the concept design(s) are going to take longer than the 15 business days. The concept design(s) will be emailed to you for review and comment. You will have 10 business days to return your final comments and revisions to the concept design(s) via email or through a phone call or video chat, or additional charges may apply. The master design will be sent to you within 7 business days after receipt of your final comments and revisions of the concept design(s).



Your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, meeting with an Eden’s Garden Design landscape designer at least once at your residence, online via video chat, or over the phone in order to view, measure, review, and finalize your landscape design. You may also need to provide us with a Plat Map and/or Topographic Map. You will also be required to return your final comments and revisions of the concept design(s) within 10 business days after receipt of the concept design(s) (see Time Frame section above for further information).



We generally require a deposit payment before we will begin work. However, you may also elect to pay for the services in full with one payment up front.



All right, title and interest in and to the concept design(s) and master design belong to Eden’s Garden Design. You are granted a limited, nonexclusive license to the designs for the purpose of constructing the project. You further acknowledge that you will have no rights with respect to any of the foregoing other than the rights expressly set forth in these Services Terms and Conditions. Any use of the designs outside that set forth in this section will require additional permission from Eden’s Garden Design.


By signing below, I confirm that I am 18 years or older and that I agree to the above terms and conditions.

Thank you for submitting!

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