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Commercial Landscape Design
Salt Lake City, Utah

Generate extraordinary curb appeal for your organization.

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Eden’s Garden Design lets you bring your premises up to standard. With our commercial landscape design near Salt Lake City, you can create better first impressions, improve employee morale, and enhance property values. You can also implement sustainable and cost-saving practices that enhance your ecological credentials.


Tailored Landscaping For Every Business

At Eden’s Garden Design, our team takes the time to understand your organization and its commercial landscaping requirements. We adopt a tailored approach, designing and building landscapes that reflect your firm’s brand, goals, and identity. 


Retailers. For retailers, we prioritize creating outdoor spaces that generate flow and encourage footfall. These funnel shoppers to your sales areas and facilitate easy access and parking. 


Offices. By contrast, our office landscaping focuses on creating pleasant working environments that promote employee well-being. Designs implement low-maintenance shrubbery, green walkways, and elevation changes to communicate prestige. 


Restaurants. For restaurants, our team prioritizes creating a welcoming atmosphere that enhances the dining experience. The attractive landscaping features we include reflect your brand’s aesthetics and goals. 


Once we understand your business’s priorities, we evaluate your property’s physical features. Experienced crews assess everything from your drainage situation to your existing greenery, paving, and traffic flow. 


With your site’s characteristics in mind, we design your customized landscaping plan. Our team considers: 


  • Details about the trees, shrubs, and other plants to include

  • The sustainability features you want

  • Any new hardscaping required, such as patio areas or retaining walls

  • The overall feel and ambiance of the space


Once you approve the plan and quote, we proceed with the work. 

Eden’s Garden Design Advantage: What Makes Us Unique?

Eden’s Garden Design does commercial landscaping differently. Instead of applying a generic approach, we take time to understand your business’s commercial requirements. 


The process starts with characterizing your site’s functionality and designing landscapes that complement your brand. Getting these right helps you move toward your goals, whether you want to improve employee well-being, drive footfall, or boost curb appeal. 


To enable this approach, we deploy our expertise. Eden’s Garden Design has years of expertise in delivering commercial landscaping projects across diverse industries. We take time to understand your priorities and create outdoor spaces that position your enterprise for success. 


Throughout the process, we focus on your organization’s functional requirements. Our landscaping takes into account the practical aspects of your business (such as providing parking space) while delivering exceptional aesthetics that make you stand out. 


We also commit to quality, using top-notch materials and construction techniques to generate the most desirable results. Our goal is to ensure that your outdoor areas look fantastic now and for years to come, growing in value over time. 

Can Commercial Landscaping Meet Your Business’s Practical Needs?

Commercial landscaping should be beautiful and practical. You want it to look fantastic while meeting the needs of clients, customers, and employees. 


That’s why we always consider your logistics when landscaping your commercial property. Our team takes parking availability, traffic flow, and accessibility into consideration in every design, ensuring you continue to get the most from your outdoor spaces.

How Does New Commercial Landscaping Affect Maintenance Costs?

Elaborate commercial landscaping sometimes implies higher maintenance costs. Designers will often recommend designs that look great but drain your bottom line. 


Because of this, Eden’s Garden Design works with you to adjust maintenance expenditure to a level suitable for your enterprise. We can prioritize items like water conservation and provide low-maintenance plants that don’t require as much attention. We can also recommend higher maintenance options that improve aesthetics. It all depends on your brand and commercial property requirements.

How Does Commercial Landscaping Improve Employee Morale?

Landscaping can improve how employees feel, potentially boosting morale and productivity. Being closer to nature enhances well-being and may help with concentration and focus. 


Therefore, Eden’s Garden Design incorporates greenery, patios, and attractive plants on your property whenever possible. The goal is to create an inspiring environment that excites employees about going to work. 

Does Your Current Landscaping Create A Positive First Impression?

The first few seconds customers, clients, and employees view your premises are critical. Generating positive emotions is essential for creating favorable impressions. Properly designed landscaping sends powerful signals that you are professional, reliable, and open for business. 


At Eden’s Garden Design, we understand the need for commercial landscaping to generate curb appeal, and so we create exteriors that reflect your brand’s priorities. Our design elements create positive first impressions that drive sales. 

How much does Commercial landscape design cost?

Commercial landscape design costs near Salt Lake City start at $3,100.  Commercial Design is available at the base price for up to 1/2 acre (price increases by $500 for every 1/2 acre above base). 

Base price includes:

  • 1 rough draft concept plan (available for changes/tweaks)

  • 1 final master design as 2 documents (1 w/suggested plant list and 1 w/space measurements)

  • Introduction to installation contractors (subject to location limitations)

  • Plant Maintenance Booklet


Get in touch today

As mentioned above, we have years of experience in the world of commercial landscape design. However, this does not mean we use a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to transforming outdoor spaces. We take a fully personalized approach to every project, considering your needs, budget and personal style. This way, the end result is something YOU love! 


You can view examples of previous projects here or read some reviews from happy homeowners near Salt Lake City. 


If you’d like to find out more about our services, or would like to get started on upgrading your garden, please do not hesitate to get in touch today

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