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How to Fertilize

Updated: Jun 6

  • Slow release pellet (16-16-16 works great in Utah because of the heavy clay soil and sandy soil). If you have loamy soil, use the common fertilizer at any gardening center (it is high is salt). The frequency of application is also based on preference, but the recommended number is four times per year. The pellets should be placed where the water will seep it into the ground for the roots to absorb and should, therefore, be distributed in a fashion that will most easily allow for that to happen. Depending on your landscape style, add the pellets to where the water will help the ground absorb the pellets. Then water with a hose so the pellets can start to dissolve.

  • Powder blue granular is good for small plants, but not large ones and is high in salt.

  • A fish or sea-based liquid is great for greening up your plants and has little or no salt. As it is organic, it will need to be used more frequently.

  • Liquid high-strength fertilizers are great for small gardens because the liquid form absorbs faster. These can still have salts, however.

  • Avoid using chemical fertilizers on plant leaves as well as the fruit on plants that you intend to eat. It is recommend to use organic fertilizer on edibles whenever possible.

  • Minerals help enhance the fertilizer and give the plant an even better boost for longer time, especially in heavy nutrient-deficient clay soils.

  • Yum Yum is an all-natural fertilizer that is similar to soil and is great for large yards.

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