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How to Plant in Clay Soil

Updated: Jun 6

Loamy soil is actually the best for your plants. Heavy clay, which is the majority of Utah’s soil, is not great and will need to be broken down to allow the roots of your plants to move and grow.

The best ways to combat the heaviness of clay are as follows:

  1. Mix in and replace some of the soil with good compost or mixed soils.

  2. Add expanded shale, gypsum, minerals and organic materials to the soil when planting and fertilizing 2-3 times every year. Expanded Shale aids in breaking down the clay so the roots can grow, Gypsum helps the plants combat excessive salt, while the fertilizer gives nutrients to the soil for the plants to grow.

  3. Use mulch and organic materials to cover the top layer of soil to help keep moisture in but allow absorption into the soil and mixing with the clay.

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