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How to Plant a Tree or Shrub

Fall is an excellent time to plant trees.

Here are the steps on how to plant them:

  1. Dig a hole twice as wide as the root ball

  2. Dig depth slightly deeper than the root ball to aerate beneath the tree or shrub

  3. Evergreen trees and shrubs should be slightly raised from the surrounding ground--so the depth is not as deep as the root ball

  4. Keep root ball intact--if needed, keep metal cage but not burlap on side and top

  5. Place the tree or shrub in the hole and position it as preferred

  6. Fill hole with water and time how long it takes to drain

  7. Length of time required to drain indicates how often you should water the spot (see blog on newly planted tree care)

  8. If the soil is clay, add a cup of gypsum to the hole around the root ball

  9. Fill hole partial full with soil; improved soil and organic material is recommended to help keep nutrients near roots

  10. Fill with water

  11. Fill in the rest of the hole with soil

  12. Build a rim of dirt around tree to remain for 2 months

  13. Do not let the soil come up around the trunk of the tree--this can eventually kill the tree

  14. Water tree again

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