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Basic Landscaping Tips: Where to Plant Your Plants

Most plants like sun, but in extreme temperatures here in Utah, many times partial shade works the best for many plants or groupings of trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Grown in groupings will also make a system that will help each of the plants to thrive. Basic ideas behind good landscaping to keep in mind while planning your yard include:

  • Spacing requirements of each plant

  • Watering requirements of each plant

  • Sun requirements of each plant

  • Plant what you love - research some, ask an expert

  • Underground items such as city pipes

  • Overhead power lines and city regulations on public domain

  • Distance between buildings on the properties and neighboring properties

  • Choose your hardscape: contours of the yard and space

  • Groupings look the best, as does odd numbers (i.e. 3 trees look better than 2); choose your tree: according to size, shape, use, ease of care, watering in groupings of 3, 5, etc.

  • Choose shrubs or perennials: for ease of care, groupings of 3, 5, etc.

  • Choose your preference: formal, natural, mix, Lines and curves make the yard look natural

  • Focal points also make the view attractive

  • Keep the design as natural as possible, which can keep maintenance manageable or you can design an English garden of clean straight lines and hedges.

  • Not all features in landscaping need to be vegetation; you can use rocks, sculptures and other focus items

  • The soil in Utah often needs annual replenishment; therefore, fertilize and add gypsum, minerals, and organic materials to the soil systematically

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